Colt Twin Pride Mobility

£2,495.00 £1,699.00

Colt Twin Pride Mobility

£2,495.00 £1,699.00

Pride Mobility Colt Twin


The Colt Twin mobility Scooter  range delivers high-performance operation. Secondly, features unique dual front wheels for the maximum stability of a four-wheel scooter. It is with the superb maneuverability of a three-wheel scooter. On the other hand, the It has a full complement of advanced standard features like exclusive low-profile tyres. Also, it has a wraparound delta tiller, and feather-touch disassembly. As a result, it is high performance scooter. Find out more please call us 01202900859 or fill in contact form.

  • Increased leg room
  • High intensity LED headlight
  • Front tiller basket
  • Comfortable captain style seat
  • Directional lights
  • Convenient charging points


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