Pride Colt Sport

£2,795.00 £1,395.00

Pride Colt Sport

£2,795.00 £1,395.00

Colt Sport


The Pride Colt sport.

At first glance, the Colt Sport mobility scooter is nearly identical to the popular Colt Deluxe that we supply. However, the Colt Sport has a crucial difference in that it has an enhanced 8mph top speed, while remaining a compact mid-sized scooter.

With its high top speed, the Pride Colt Sport is ideal for those that want a fast scooter to use on roads, but who want a compact mid-sized scooter rather than a more bulky full-sized one. With its suspension and high-back captain’s style seat, the Colt Sport is a comfortable scooter to use, even when driving along roads at 8mph. It comes with LED lights that include automatic brake lights, a headlight and indicators, which make it safe to use.

As a mid-sized scooter, the Colt Sport remains easy to store, and it offers the same turning circle as the Colt Deluxe – demonstrating that it is far more manoeuvrable than a larger full-sized scooter. It comes with a handbrake and simple to use controls, as well as an ergonomic wraparound delta tiller.

Best suited to people that require a fast road scooter, but don’t want to pay for a larger full-sized scooter, we offer the Colt Sport for long-term hire and purchase, and it is available in both red and blue. Pride have now released a more modern compact 8 mph scooter, the Apex Finesse Sport, which offers significantly better comfort with improved suspension and pneumatic tyres, as well as more modern styling – however, it is quite significant more expensive.

Standard features

  • Front and rear suspension
  • Directional lights
  • High intensity front and rear LED lights
  • Front tiller basket
  • 10″ solid tyres
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Delta tiller
  • Hi-back comfortable seating


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